Wash Design Studio creates digital canvas for new Jaguar plant

Jaguar Land Rover has commissioned Wash Design Studio to create  a large-scale digital installation across the 200m façade of its latest plant.

Wash JaguarJaguar has invested £450m at Castle Bromwich, which is equipped for production of the next generation Jaguar XF.

Wash was briefed with bringing the company’s brand ethos ‘The art of Performance’ to life. The Preston based studio developed the concept of a Dynamic Media Wall, which would reflect the car maker’s commitment to craft and technology, while contributing to the building’s architecture and enlivening the surrounding landscape.

Much more than a simple screen or static installation, the aesthetically arresting structure that Wash created along with technical partner ADI, is to be a canvas displaying an ever-changing symphony of ideas and visually engaging content, whilst providing a window into the JLR brand and business.

Weaving together the company’s successes and heritage with their role in the local community, their part on the world stage and their employees’ contribution. Although the team at Wash have already created a series of animated and film pieces for the wall, the medium also offers a dynamic basis for creation – whether streaming live events from across the world or taking feeds from the rich content Jaguar put out across their social platforms.