Wallsauce strikes Batman deal

Ribchester-based wall coverings company wallsauce.com has struck a licensing deal with Warner Bros giving them exclusive image rights to the movie giant’s most iconic characters.

Wallsauce BatmanThe firm, which specialises in creating high-quality, bespoke wall coverings, now has access to some of the most popular characters in comic history, including DC Comics’ Batman and Superman.

And with wallsauce.com’s Design Your Own software on its site, customers can use this huge catalogue of Batman comic images to create their own unique wall mural.

Andrew Gerraty, marketing director of wallsauce.com, said: “We are really excited about having the opportunity to bring this amazing original DC Comics’ artwork to fans in this way.

“With the ability to custom size the wall mural to any customers’ wall dimensions, we hope that any fans of Batman or DC Comics in general, will just love this new product.” Batman fans can choose from 17 different backdrops before populating it with their favourite super heroes and super villains. Other assets, including the Batmobile and the instantly-recognisable Bat logo can also be added to the mural.