VIT-BOMB is changing the way the nation eats

Delicious Products Are in The Creator's Blood

Gareth Winnard from Winnard’s Ltd (Creator of VIT-BOMB® - pictured with HRH Prince Charles) has been manufacturing food for the past ten years. He started out, as his father and previous generations of his family have, making sweets which date back to 1898 with Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls; now a cult-classic.

“I love product and flavour development. My background and family history is in the sweet industry and I wanted to utilise this expertise to create a new product with delicious flavours to help introduce an appetising but easy way of adding a consistently balanced, energising, healthy diet to our extremely busy lives.”

As well as working in the family business during holidays growing up, following university Gareth worked at William Santus & Co Ltd (Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls) for 10 years. Starting out on the shop floor to improve and update the manufacturing side, he then progressed to operations and management; implementing new procedures and gaining food manufacturing accreditation.

This was where his love for product development began; giving the 120 year’ old company a new lease of life with sugar-free variants, lozenge ranges and new, exciting flavours. He worked his way up to Director & General Manager of the business before setting up his own company. He hopes to help drive their family business forward once again in the future, although he very much enjoys his own business too.

Save Money. Save Health. Save Time.

VIT-BOMB® is an up-and-coming wellness brand, based in the North West, that’s making major waves in the convenience food industry. This exciting, new product is not your average calorie and saturated fat laden fast food but the next generation of nutrition; designed specifically for people aiming to improve health, save time, eat sustainably, reduce packaging waste and be more economical.

Developed and produced in Chorley, Lancashire; VIT-BOMB® provides a delicious balanced meal in a powder to liquid format. Easy to make in seconds, it is perfect for busy fast-paced lifestyles, as it requires no food preparation or cooking. It’s ideal to drink on-the-go and helps remove stress out of the daily routine. People are using the brand for everyday life but some to lose weight; others to increase strength and gain muscle; many use it to balance energy levels and stop skipping meals.

Available in 3 different macronutrient variations of Protein, Carbs and Essential Fats, it is by no means a protein shake. It is being hailed as “the food of the future designed to replace time-sensitive meals.” It is a fully-complete and balanced meal made from 9 plant-based foods. Containing 20 essential Vitamins & Minerals; it’s easily digestible at any time of the day and whilst on-the-go.

Gareth comments: “With VIT-BOMB® I wanted to tap into the future of the food marketplace and create a product that could benefit people’s daily lives from a money, time and health point of view; three key areas that need to be addressed.

“In the UK, fast food sales have increased to almost 15 billion pounds a year. An average household eats 5 takeaways a month and 29% of our adult population is classed as obese. This percentage has more than doubled in the last 20 years.

“Indulging in ‘normal’ fast food is not the only contributor to rising obesity rates but there is a direct correlation between it and poor eating habits. Fast food generally has larger portion sizes, is lower in cost, is quick and easy, available in most towns 24 hours a day and the mass advertising sucks us all in.

“Busy lifestyles where we all work increasingly hectic and long hours, add to the shocking statistic that 50% of meals in the UK, are now eaten outside the home. As many of us are aware a lot of convenience food is high in unbalanced calories, is high in saturated fat, high in sugar and salt, low in fibre and has very poor nutritional value. We get a big slump after eating it and often feel hungry again quickly after.

“People are becoming aware of how balanced nutrition on-the-go can be the key to a good, healthy and balanced lifestyle; this is the reason why I felt the need to develop VIT-BOMB® in this way. Our feedback has been enormously positive since launching our products and we look forward to helping more people get what their bodies need quickly and easily; with lots more delicious flavours and next generation versions of the food in development!”

Fuelling the UK

The number of health-conscious individuals looking to control nutrition, whilst saving time and money, is rapidly expanding, as well as the boom in plant-based foods. We continue to become more mindful about disease prevention e.g. increasing fibre, reducing salt and sugar intake and taking care of our digestive systems, as it becomes increasingly evident that these factors contribute towards physical and mental illnesses.

VIT-BOMB® is fuelling people throughout the UK, who range from busy professionals, emergency service shift workers right-through to elite athletes; including many Team GB Age Group Athletes. Ashley de Lotz is one member of their Powered by VIT-BOMB® - Brand Ambassador Programme (which supports Athletes, no matter what level they currently compete in or what their sport is) and is a gold medal winner! He is a Team GB tri-athlete and winner of the 2019 AG Cross Triathlon European Championships. Gareth comments: “Ashley is an amazing athlete, with incredible stamina and strength; we are extremely proud to have him on board. Ashley finds VIT-BOMB® brilliant at fuelling his performance, supporting his plant- based, healthy, busy lifestyle and for post ride refuelling; ensuring quicker and more effective muscle repair.”

All varieties of VIT-BOMB® have a subtle Vanilla flavour, to work in tandem with their range of ZERO Sugar Flavour Drops: Banana, Banana & Peanut Butter, Blackberry, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Coffee, Cookie Dough, Double Vanilla, Gingerbread, Mint Chocolate and Strawberry flavour. You can add water, ice, milk, nut-milk or blend with fruit, veg or seeds; add milk and ZERO Sugar Chocolate Drops then heat, to make a warm healthy hot chocolate or use in baking, to enhance nutrition and taste.

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