Veka Burnley welcomes staff from around the world

Veka has welcomed representatives from sites around the globe, including the USA, Brazil, China, Russia, Spain, Poland and Germany.

VekaAll the visitors, heads of manufacturing at the VEKA plant in their country, visited the 400,000 sq ft Burnley factory, and looked around the extrusion lines and construction of the new mixing plant technology, which is due to be completed soon.

Adrian Lord, head of production for The Veka UK Group said: “Twice a year we meet with our counterparts from around the globe to share learning in extrusion, lamination and mixing plant technology.

“One of our annual meetings is held at Veka AG in Sendenhorst and, for the second, one of the daughter companies is chosen. Last year we were in France and next year we will travel to the USA. This year is the turn of the UK and we were extremely proud to show them around our site, which will soon feature the most advanced mixing plant in the UK.

"We were also keen to share with our colleagues the energy-saving measures we have implemented across our extrusion area, which has saved a massive 2200 tonnes of carbon over the last few years." The Veka UK Group's managing director Dave Jones was in also in attendance, as was Pete Eatough, Veka's quality and engineering manager.