Using psychometric profiles to build a team

In our experience psychometric profiles are a fantastic tool if you want to know what makes your employees tick and how you can maximise their contribution.

Tracey Murphy Sarah BoothBy Tracey Murphy, director, Sarah Booth HR.

They will empower you to transform the performance of your teams and individuals and deliver an immediate impact on your organisation.

Q. How will this help me make better recruitment decisions? A. By understanding the candidates working style and matching this to the requirements of the job and indicating how they may complement your existing team.

Q. How will profiling help me with the development, motivation and retention of my staff? A. By understanding individual working strengths and areas for development, they enable you to either identify and overcome barriers to performance or, understand how to further encourage and drive your star performers.

Spanning the entire employee lifecycle, from recruiting and retaining staff, to developing and managing performance, our assessments will give you a high level of certainty in all your people decisions. These assessment tools are quick and simple to use, and easy to understand.