Ultimate Café hosts ‘Battle of the Breakfasts’ to mark National Breakfast Week

With National Breakfast Week underway, the Ultimate Café located within Ultimate Outdoors in Deepdale Shopping Park is hosting a ‘Battle of the Breakfasts’.

Until Saturday, January 31, customers will judge the ultimate culinary contest between both UK and USA inspired breakfast dishes.

Directors Nichola Lee and Andrea Edwards will encourage diners at the eatery to vote for their favourite morning meal throughout the week, resulting in a winner being crowned the Ultimate Champion.

Nichola said: “As we are renowned for our breakfasts and speciality pancakes, it was a must for us to celebrate National Breakfast Week.

“Having witnessed a divide in customers’ love of both sweet or savoury dishes over the years, we thought it was about time to host a head-to-head competition to see whether it would be the UK or USA breakfast to come out on top!”

Representing the UK will be the venue’s ‘All the Twos’ breakfast, which is packed with two Tom’s sausages, two thick slices of bacon, two poached eggs, oodles of baked beans, as well as white or brown toast. While the USA will offer three thick American pancakes or a waffle variation, which have been made fresh each day, topped with two thick slices of crispy bacon and trickled in maple syrup. Andrea added: “The UK vs. USA breakfast showdown is set to be a big hit amongst our customers during the national celebration. By presenting quirky limited time offerings, it allows our chefs to become even more creative in the kitchen and build on our reputation as being fun and original. Let the battle of the breakfasts commence.”