Turning up the gas for student safety

S&S Northern has launched a comprehensive range of gas safety equipment for use in laboratories in UK schools, colleges and universities. The range consists of four gas pressure proving systems to meet all laboratory requirements, alongside a carbon dioxide detector which can be used in science and food technology laboratories and standard classrooms.

14.1.13 SnS pic Gas safety education products S&S Northern is a leading manufacturer and supplier of gas safety equipment for a wide range of industry applications including commercial kitchens, car parks, boiler houses and shopping centres. The company also specialises in manufacturing and supplying gas pressure proving systems for use in the education sector, thousands of its systems have already been installed across the country.

These systems offer a safe start-up and ensure teacher control, the safety and protection of students during the school day, and 24-hour building protection.

S&S Northern’s gas proving range for laboratories uses a single unique electronic pressure measuring system, which eliminates the issues associated with traditional ‘pressure switch’ systems and double transducer installations, making S&S Northern’s systems more reliable and easier and quicker to install. The range will give teachers more control, offer better protection for buildings out-of-hours and ensure student safety. The Chorley-based firm employs 12 and recent systems have been installed in The House of Parliament, TV’s Hell’s Kitchen, Old Trafford cricket ground and Edinburgh Castle and many restaurants across the country.