The Fab 500

Marble plateWelcome to Lancashire Business View’s FAB 500, a unique measure of the 500 businesses generating the biggest revenues in the county. While turnover is the key measure for the Fab 500, this is by no means a vanity index.


[quote-content]The businesses we are considering in this league table are the revenue powerhouses and from those revenues flow jobs, supply chain activity and wealth for the county.[/quote-content]

[quote-author]Richard Slater, Publisher[/quote-author]


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Mark SchofieldMark Schofield, Haworths Chartered Accountants

Haworths have worked in conjunction with Lancashire Business View for the last five years to produce the ‘Hot 100’ and this has become the county’s ‘rain gauge’ of high performing SME businesses that have registered head offices in the county.

That said, there are many big businesses that contribute to our region’s economy hugely in terms of revenues, profitability and employment; all this quite regardless of where their head office happens to be registered.

This is what the Fab 500 illustrates in graphic detail and, as you can see, these businesses are the revenue and profit generators that keep the wheels of our region turning.

[quote-feature align="left"]"The Fab 500 is responsible for generating revenue of almost £23 billion into the local economy and for directly employing at least 143,000 people throughout Lancashire Business View’s circulation area."[/quote-feature]

This number significantly increases when you take into account all the businesses to which our Fab 500 sub-contract to, and buy services and products from, and the knock-on revenue generated from simply employing these vast numbers of people.

The Fab 500 is ranked by turnover because we are trying to identify those Lancashire companies which are economic drivers for the county. We have also disclosed the profit, or loss, and the number of employees which gives an indication of how many people are depending upon these businesses and how vulnerable those people might be. This is the first time we have prepared this list, so there may be some omissions because one of the parameters we set is a time frame for the businesses to file their accounts.  There will be some businesses which have filed their accounts outside this time frame.

John BarkerJohn Barker, Forbes Solicitors 

The Fab 500 confirms what many of us already knew; Lancashire is home to a lot of high quality businesses.

The broad spread covers those that employ fewer than a dozen to those that employ thousands and those with a turnover of £8m to those with turnovers of billions. It is an advantage for the county that we have such a diverse range of businesses across various sectors.

As the tough economic climate continues, perhaps it is time to question whether we can do more to support those companies by buying in Lancashire. Whether it is goods or services, the quality and choice is there in Lancashire and it is surely in the interests of all companies which operate in the county to encourage the generation of revenue and growth of jobs within the area. There will, of course, be occasions when we all source goods or services outside the area and it would be quite wrong to develop an insular mentality.

Working with many of the companies in the Fab 500 means that, at Forbes, we understand the quality of people and businesses within the list. The businesses have shown that by innovation, hard work and focussing on what the customer wants, they can thrive and grow in the most testing of financial climates; something that we are also doing at Forbes.[break]

Lynda Mason, Accrington and Rossendale College 

The Fab 500 is a fantastic tonic for anyone who might be suffering from the winter blues.  It is a compilation of 500 great local companies that all have illustrious reputations, outstanding results and are making a real difference to boosting our local economy.  They are the perfect example of demonstrating that business can be successful, even in the challenging economic climate that surrounds us. We have first-hand experience of just how good these companies are because Accrington & Rossendale College has relationships with many of them:  we see the way they operate up close.  There can be no surprise that these are the companies who invest in staff training, show an unwavering commitment to apprentices and seek out new and innovative partnerships to drive their businesses forward.

As a college, we have witnessed how those we work with prize their workforces and continually invest in them; investments that pay dividends when the tough times arrive, as it is the dedication, innovation and flexibility of any organisation’s staff that sees them through.

We also work in partnership with companies for the benefit of our community. We believe students should be encouraged and helped into work or further and higher education. We understand that to assist our learners to become first-choice employees, we have to work with employers. We understand that by recognising the needs of our local businesses, we can develop students to fulfil their requirements; we aim to make every student ready for work in companies, now or in the future,  just like the ones in the Fab 500.

I see the amount of talent we have in today’s Lancashire workforce and the talent that is gearing up for the future and The Fab 500 is a big reason to feel optimistic about the future of Lancashire and its economy.  They set the blueprint for how to be consistently successful.

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