True grit running through Lancashire's industrial landscape

When, not if. We’re talking about WHEN we recover, not IF we recover, as an industrial powerhouse in Lancashire.

These simple words cut to the heart of the matter. They make me proud to be part of this amazing business community in the red rose county.

I’ve heard these words a lot recently. They’re coming up in conversation after conversation.

They’re evidence of that Lancashire grit that has seen industry rise – and fall – over many decades, only to rise again. Cotton came and went: we rebuilt and diversified. Covid has come. Covid will go: we will rebuild; adapt and come back stronger and more resilient.

Lancashire’s employers show the true grit that’s needed to make this economic recovery a reality. And they’re showing the traits that have served Lancashire so well in our past.

They’re thinking outside the box. They’re adapting production methods; they’re diversifying to meet today’s needs; they’re learning; they’re communicating; they’re seizing the opportunities out there

True grit and determination we have in spades in Lancashire

It’s great to be part of this at Burnley College. We’re at the heart of the conversations; being agile and responsive ourselves to deliver the training that’s needed, when it’s needed, where it’s needed. We’re starting conversations. We’re making introductions between employers. We’re learning from business.

It’s by communicating that we will get through this. And this is where Lancashire’s reputation as a friendly, community-focussed county – with people who genuinely care for each other – comes to the fore. We’re talking to employers; employers are talking to us. Employers are talking to each other.

Workforces are talking to employers about their ideas. We’re talking to individuals about their potential: individuals are talking to us about reskilling or adapting.

There’s constant communication.

Conversations are happening with businesses and individuals we may never have thought of contacting before: we’re discovering what we’ve got in common and how we can help each other.

True grit and determination we have in spades in Lancashire. But what makes us truly different – and will make it WHEN, not IF – is that passion and community feel that we ensure we make it through Covid together.

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