Tripping blackspot warning from Birchall Blackburn Law

A senior solicitor at Leyland solicitors Birchall Blackburn Law has sent out a warning to locals about a dangerous crossing.

The firm is now representing 3 different clients who have all tripped, fallen and injured themselves at the same spot.

The black spot is the crossing located on Lancastergate, on the bus lane by the large Tesco car park.

Jamie Patton, partner and head of personal injury at Birchall Blackburn Law, who has been helping accident victims for over 15 years, advises “the tripping defect is particularly dangerous because when looked at from the direction you would cross, it is very difficult to spot. People tend to keep a look out for traffic coming rather than their feet.”

Whilst the injuries of the clients Birchall Blackburn Law is acting for are serious enough, Mr Patton is concerned that if something is not done about the area soon, someone is going to get seriously hurt.

“All it would take is for someone to stumble forward another foot or so after tripping and they run the risk of a serious head injury on the adjacent kerb. Worse still if someone attempts to cross the road and falls as a bus is travelling down the road, there may be insufficient time for the bus to stop. The consequences don’t bare thinking about.” Mr Patton concludes “something needs to be done before this happens!” Birchall Blackburn Law has been in practice in Leyland for the last 5 years and is always there for victims of accidents and personal injury.