Paper Cup Company recognised for planting 5,000 trees

The Paper Cup Company, suppliers of disposable paper cups and containers to a wide range of clients, has had its environmental responsibility recognised with presentation of a certificate to mark the planting of more than 5,000 trees to make its products carbon neutral.

Mark Woodward Green EarthThe company received the certificate from Marvin Baker of the Green Earth Appeal at the Foodservice Packaging Association Annual Environment Seminar.

For each 1,000 cups manufactured, a donation of 99p goes to the Green Earth Appeal to facilitate the planting of a tree which offsets the carbon footprint of production, effectively ensuring Carbon Neutral Cups.

Mark Woodward of The Paper Cup Company said: “I am extremely proud to accept this certificate on behalf of all the clients and staff that have made this possible. This worthwhile scheme highlights the environment and gets people to think about the impact that we are having on the planet.”

Marvin Baker, founder of Green Earth Appeal, said: “As a partner of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) these trees are currently being planted in Haiti and have had a significant effect in an island that was devastated by an earthquake in 2010.

"Our tree planting initiatives have created jobs in what is now a self sustainable nursery; the trees provide soil stability, shade and produce fruit, making this a social as well as an environmental success.” The Paper Cup Company’s clients range from huge multi-nationals like Vodaphone, BMW, Mercedes and Disney, to television companies, food brands, coffee shops and clothing chains across the whole of Europe. The company was recently featured in ITV's 'Is Britain Back in Business’  due to its decision to move its manufacturing back to the UK from Asian plants.