Top ten tips about TENs

With only five weeks to go until Christmas businesses may be contemplating organising temporary events to take advantage of the holiday spirit.

Adam BromleyBy Adam Bromley, Forbes Solicitors.

However with all the mulled wine and champagne that will be flowing it is crucial that a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) is completed.

Here are ten points to remember about a Temporary Event Notice (TEN):

1. Only an individual can complete a TEN. A business must therefore nominate an individual;

2. The event capacity must be less than 500 people (including staff and performers);

3. The event duration must not exceed 168 hours;

4. For each premises there must be a 24 hour period between each TEN;

5. Only a maximum of 12 TENS may be completed per year per premises.

6. The TEN must be sent to the council 10 working days prior to the event (a standard TEN) or five working days prior to the event (a late TEN).

7. An individual with a personal licence can complete 50 TENs per year. This can only include ten late TENS.   An individual without a personal licence is restricted to five TENS per year which includes only two late TENS.

8. The council, police and environmental health must be informed and the application must served on all parties.

9. If the application is submitted through the relevant council’s online system then the council will serve the application on the police and environmental health. 10. The costs of completing a TEN is £21.00. The council, police and environmental health then have three days to make any objections.  If permitted the Temporary Event Notice must either be displayed at the Premises or kept at the event by the individual or a nominated body.