Top 5 reasons to outsource your waste needs in 2014

Every business produces some degree of waste, but managing it is rarely a core strength. And with layers and layers of regulation to comply with, it can be a time-consuming headache.

by Remsol

So, why not get some help and outsource it to someone with the skills and know-how to do it for you?

Done right, outsourcing non-core business functions can help you accrue significant, multiple benefits, and it’s no different with waste management. Here are the top 5:

1. You can focus on what you’re good at Unless you’re a waste management company, it’s pretty unlikely that looking after waste is what you’re good at. Outsourcing the requirement to a trusted third party can help you free-up your own people and financial resources to focus on the things that best serve your business and your customers.

2. It’s easier to stay current with changing legislation The rules that govern how we manage business waste are constantly evolving. Outsourcing your waste management function to an external expert that can help you adapt to these changes means you won’t have to keep track of them yourself.

3. Access to scale economies You may lack the scale necessary to access cheaper deals – and, let’s face it, you want to produce less waste not more – but by choosing to outsource your needs to someone that looks after a wider portfolio of wastes for lots of other companies, you can tap into the savings that their scale economies can deliver.

4. Capability upgrade Investing in the skills needed to manage waste effectively can be costly. Outsourcing your waste needs to a professional external organisation can give you access to new capabilities without the cost of acquiring these in-house. It's like gaining a new, expert member of your management team.

5. Speedier improvements Identifying and implementing improvements can be a lengthy and expensive process of trial-and-error. Outsourcing your requirements to someone that’s gained experience of working with other clients facing similar challenges to yours will help you deliver improvements and savings more quickly.

According to most pundits, 2014 is expected to be a good year for business with order books and profits set to grow. Given that as much as 4% of turnover can be lost to waste, finding ways to cut it and then recycle the leftovers is a sure fire way of helping to cement any wider gains so that you can survive and thrive – outsourcing your waste management needs can help.