Tone on location in Cambodia with CCF

A few of the Tone team are currently on location with a client in Cambodia.

With previous work under its belt for global non-profits including The Salvation Army the firm was delighted to be selected as the agency partner for Cambodian Children’s Fund for a forthcoming project.

The task at hand (due for completion December 14′ / January 15′) is the development of a new brand and innovative web presence which more accurately represents the impact the charity has on the ground.

You can find out more about the CCF cause at and the new brand and website will launch in between December and January

During a tour of the facilities - scattered accross the most impoverished areas of Phnom Penh, which includes schools, further education, a bakery and other vocational qualification centres staffed by over 500 employees - the team was able to capture this opportune footage of one of the CCF pre-school classes.

The IMF and United Nations rank Cambodia within the 30 poorest countries in the world which makes this video particularly poignant and too cute not to share. Grim statistics like this are precisely what CCF are looking to change. By providing education, infrastructure, welfare and a guiding hand, CCF is transforming Cambodia’s impoverished children into tomorrow’s leaders. Tone said: "Against this backdrop, we were blown away by the genuine happiness and hope instilled in these children. We’ll report more as the project develops but I’ll let the kids do the talking for now:"