Tom Stables

Tom StablesName: Tom Stables
Company: Turbo Lemon Media Ltd
Position: Director

Brief CV:
We’ll skim over the Warehouse Operative/Office Junior/Cake Packer/Lettuce Cutter parts and head straight to the clueless career extraordinaire section. Teaching Aide. Civil Servant. Community Support Worker. Learning Support Assistant. Such misdirection led me to travel for a while.

Onwards to more purposeful jobs and aspirations: Film and Music Journalist, Magazine Editor, Writer. Cue the (mis)education which is actually still ongoing, currently hurtling towards the final year of an MA Graphic Design.

Now I’m doing my school careers advisor proud. I told him I wanted to be a graphic designer and in 2008, just 15 years later, I co-founded Turbo Lemon Media, an exciting creative web and graphic design company (with a healthy social conscience).

What’s keeping you busy at work at the moment?
We’re completing many very exciting projects, notably with Green Apples and Elephants (eco party ware) and Socks for Happy People (incredible socks and happiness, obviously!).

We’re also working with International Aid Trust to completely restructure and enhance their web presence and communication channels.

We’re looking at pushing our business start-up package to help people with ideas get well on the way to realising their dreams too. And alongside all this we’re bashing out the finer details of a creative support service that we can offer businesses to help us build stronger, more productive relationships.

Favourite music of the moment:
Breaking Benjamin are on heavy rotation on my playlists, as are Pearl Jam. Also rediscovering the joys of Therapy? after catching them in Manchester.

Your must-watch TV:
You mean ‘spare time’? I remember that! Lost, Supernatural, QI, Heroes and most things featuring Derren Brown will get my attention. That said, I do like my music television.

Ideal way to wind down after work:
Spending time with my awesome missus and amazing children is good for the soul. Writing (prose/poetry/nonsense) is good for the sanity.

Best piece of business advice:
If you really want it to work, you have to really work at it. Really!

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