Resolutions for your business

Norman SnodgrassNew Year Disillusions or Prosperlutions?

You might have made New Year resolutions for yourself, but have you made any for your business?

If you haven’t, then you could lapse into New Year disillusions like: -

• Make better excuses
• Don’t get caught
• Never take the blame
• Hang up if its a complaint
• Stop returning calls
• Always be ready to give up
• Procrastinate about everything
• Always blame the staff
• Play more computer games
• Go on long ego trips

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

You could be making prosperlutions like: -
Start setting goals – establish where you are now, where you want to be and how to get there.
Develop a One Page Business Plan – you won’t get where you want to be without an action plan and keeping it simple on a single page enables you to share it with your employees.
Constantly promote your Business – because if you don’t nobody else will.
Create action plans for each person in your business – make sure every employee knows how their job relates to your overall vision and that each has individual objectives and goals with measurable standards and timetables.
Focus on profit not turnover – while turnover is great, how would you feel if you could make twice as much profit for a tenth of the effort (and risk).
Save cash – now more than ever, cash is king.
Know your top 10 customers – what more can you do for them and where can you find more of them.
Ask your customers for referrals – simple, but not many business owners do.
Get a coach – become accountable to a business coach so you take action.
Take time for yourself – working smarter not harder and delegating more will free up your time to enable you to achieve your personal goals.

It’s not easy to embrace the changes of prosperlutions, but you don’t have to do it on your own.

As proactive accountants, we stand alongside our clients in business partnership to support and help them to get the results they really want.

And it could be you too!

Norman Snodgrass, senior director, Mayes Business Partnership.