The Way of the Samurai

The Japanese Katana sword is one of the most beautifully crafted, perfectly balanced creations in the world which is presented to the brave and honoured Samurai. A living breathing embodiment of a warrior’s soul.

Created only by the masters of this craft in Japan and unable to be replicated anywhere else in the world, these masters take their metal and fold it three hundred times, each time moving ever closer to a creation of perfection.

The process involves heating the metal until it glows white in a raging furness before violently and repeatedly striking and folding the white hot metal with a hammer on an anvil.

Then, the metal is thrust into freezing cold water before bringing it back up for air, only to start this torturous process over and over again. Three hundred times in all.

From this process, or period of trauma and change, emerges a perfectly balanced beautiful creation.

Very much like this brave new world in which we currently live and work, making us feel as if we are being folded like a piece of metal in the raging fires of business and life. The exit from the EU... the Covid pandemic… The up and coming recession… it never seems to end.

From this period of trauma and change emerges a perfectly balanced beautiful creation.

For many, there is fear and uncertainty and rightly so. However, from this, as a business community, we will emerge from the swordsmith’s workshop, beautifully balanced; the embodiment of perfection.

It is hard to visualise as people don’t fear change, they fear being changed, but we cannot avoid or run from it. Change is here but it’s what comes next which brings excitement. The metal of our soul is being folded every day, and I look forward to celebrating with you warriors once this is over.

Please stay safe, stay strong and may god bless and protect you all.

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