Be smart when cutting costs

The coronavirus pandemic has affected every organisation in one way or another: most of us will have to re-evaluate the way we do business and many of us have been forced to tighten our belts, at least temporarily.

When reducing your outgoings, it’s vitally important not to cut off the supply of marketing services that are integral to your success.

Even within digital marketing, not all costs are the same. It’s easy to hit pause on a pay-per-click advertising campaign, for example. That’s a switch that you can turn on and off as you need it.

Search engine optimisation (SEO), on the other hand, requires momentum, it’s a long-term activity that builds and builds, and I urge every business I speak to not to pull the plug entirely.

Reduce your activity if you need to, but stop altogether and you risk not only losing your prime positions on key search engines but, worse, you could easily be overtaken by a competitor who will be happy to take your business.

Fall far enough and you’ll be virtually invisible online: less than a third of users look beyond the top five search results. 

You could easily be overtaken by a competitor who will be happy to take your business.

All your investment in SEO so far will be lost and the hard work undone. Getting back to where customers and potential customers can find you again will likely require more time and money than you initially saved by stopping.

In summary, make sure you fully understand the implications before cancelling any part of your marketing, and if you’re struggling with your budget, any friendly, reasonable agency like ours will help you make the most of your available resources.

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