The Low Carbon Energy Co completes Rossendale Council installation

The Low Carbon Energy  Company has worked with Rossendale Borough Council to help the organisation provide its own electricity for the next two decades and beyond.

thelowcarbonenergycompanyThe Burnley-based business installed a 100 kw solar photovoltaic system on the council’s Bacup head office, with the 400 panels set to generate benefits greater than the current electricity bill for  years to come. The installation will save approximately 50 tonnes of CO2 per year .

Richard Garth–Jones, managing director of the Low Carbon Energy Company, said: “Rossendale Borough Council has made a  fantastic statement to the people of the borough and protected themselves from the inevitable spiralling energy costs into the future as well as making a significant reduction in its carbon emissions. “PV offers a fantastic opportunity to save both energy and carbon and this project adds to our growing portfolio of large and small installations throughout the UK. All high energy users can benefit from  our services and we  will continue  our drive for Lancashire company to be a leading player in the renewable energy industry.”