The future of m-commerce

Modern internet users demand websites that are fresh, dynamic and, perhaps most of all, responsive and adaptive.

Ensuring a website is constantly updated is essential though this can often be a complicated and time-consuming process, taking up valuable business hours altering codes.

With a content-managed website from Brick technology, the task is made simple, quick and enjoyable, putting complete power and control at your fingertips with the most user-friendly, intuitive design.

Content-managed websites from Brick technology are responsive and adaptive, meaning that they immediately recognise the device from which they are being accessed before optimising the display and functionality accordingly.

Put simply, to stay ahead in the increasingly-competitive online marketplace, your business needs a responsive, mobile-friendly website! Here are the top three reasons why.

1 - Customer Preference

A recent study revealed that 66% of internet shoppers would be ‘unlikely’ to revisit a website, using any device, that they had previously found to be ‘difficult to navigate’ on a mobile or tablet. Of this 66%, a further 40% said that they would be ‘likely’ to visit a competitor site if it were mobile friendly, even if that meant breaking previous brand loyalty. Today’s internet shopper demands fast load times, accurate navigation and secure checkout facilities to create an online experience that is contemporary, effective and intuitive.

2 - A Growing Market

There are now more internet-capable mobile devices on the planet than there are people. This figure continues to grow, constantly increasing the size of the m-commerce market - in Europe alone, this market increased by a staggering 183% during 2013. By 2015, it is predicted that mobile internet use will exceed that of desktop use, meaning that operating a mobile-friendly site will be essential for a business to stay visible.

3 - Future Proof

Internet users continue to become more familiar and comfortable with the mobile platform and trends are leaning further towards the development of this technology. As the development continues further, high search engine rankings (still an incredibly important factor in attracting customers with at least 75% using a search engine as the first step in making an online purchase) will be attained by websites with mobile-friendly qualities. You can discover the potential of your online business absolutely free with Brick technology by taking advantage of our full review and consultation service. Call us on +44 (0)1254 277190 or email to start your journey.