The Business Network, Pennine Lancashire

Does your mouth dry and your throat constrict at the very thought of addressing an audience no matter how small? Don’t worry, you’re normal! Most people believe there are only two things worse - death by fire and death by drowning.

The next meeting of the Business Network for Pennine Lancs on April 5 at Stanley House aims to solve all the above problems.

Making a great two-minute personal presentation at The Business Network Pennine Lancashire is just like any other business skill you need to know the rules, you need practice and training.

Former BBC TV reporter Alistair Macdonald, who joined the Manchester Business Network 14 years ago, has delivered hundreds of 2-minute presentations. He’s also trained people in the private, public and voluntary sectors from more than 20 countries and from five continents. His workshop will teach you:

• How to overcome your natural fears
• How to structure your presentation or speech
• How to prepare, practise, perform and perfect your delivery
• How to engage and hold your audience
• How to tell a good story because Facts Tell, but Stories Sell
• How to be the speaker everyone remembers

Discover how to get your message across in just two minutes and how to be a confident speaker - because confidence is the key to success.

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