Effective procurement creates efficiencies

Many organisations today still fail to realise the benefits of recognising procurement as a function in its own right and continue to encourage the users to buy which can result in the supply side of business going unmanaged. Try our checklist:

Does your company?
* Maverick buy
* Struggle to control costs
* Have poor supplier relationships
* Have poor quality and customer satisfaction
* Have a lack of control of processes and procedures
* Have limited knowledge of the environments it buys in
* Have a lack of awareness of the value of professional procurement profession

If you have ticked one or more, then it¹s time to take control of your procurement process.

Let procurement take control by:
* Centralise procurement creating a specialism
* Consolidate spend
* Manage your supply base; performance and relationships
* Create a sourcing and procurement strategy
* Getting the most from your suppliers
* Implementing value engineering and analysis
* Achieving value for money
* Implementing e-procurement
* Reducing lead times
* Managing inventory
* Negotiating effectively and reducing costs
* Managing supply risk
* Implementing early supplier and buyer involvement

And, once you¹ve implemented the strategy, you¹ll see the benefits.

The results:
* Customer satisfaction
* Competitive advantage
* Efficiencies and savings
* Increased sales!

Susan Rashid
SR Supply Chain consultants