The business benefits of 4G

The progress in mobile technology has enabled businesses to empower their workforces by providing devices with access to email and productivity applications from any location, 24/7.

4GBy UnifiedWorld.

As customer bases expand and the requirement for live information increases, mobile networks have become victims of their own success. 3G has played a significant role in empowering business mobility but many companies now await the next stage.

4G is a massive leap for both operators and customers, promising high-speed download and reliable access.

It marks the move away from traditional networks towards the Internet Protocol (IP) for both voice and data, enabling carriers to send information quickly and effectively.

4G could have far reaching benefits for business. Larger bandwidth and speed capabilities will ensure that the service is faster and more reliable. Smartphones and tablets will perform when and where they’re required, with network overload being eliminated.

This performance improvement will transform devices in terms of overall capabilities and increase their use from a business perspective, enabling more efficient ways of working.

4G has significant benefits when utilising cloud services. Cost reductions are made by migrating to a software-as-a-service model, and having faster access to business information while on the move is one of the most significant benefits 4G will deliver.

4G devices can achieve many of the functions normally done by a desktop PC, providing staff with the ability to access applications at any location whilst delivering improved flexible working strategies.

Allowing employees to manage their time without being bound to a computer will help business agility and productivity.

By improving the experience with faster, more reliable access to information, services and enterprise applications, 4G could cause a revolution in business mobility, radically altering daily operations. As more staff demand the ability to access business applications on mobile devices, companies need to consider how these apps are delivered and managed in a way that’s consistent. In the rush to make the jump to 4G, companies need to carefully consider how they will incorporate it into their existing enterprise mobility strategies.