The Brand Series: How human is your brand?

The terms ‘human’ and ‘corporate’ have been floating around for a while. With one meaning the complete opposite of the other, a Human Brand is a friend you laugh with over good food and conversation, and Corporate is the personality-less robot in the corner.

Brand Humanisation can be defined literally. The act of making your brand feel more human by acting in a certain way attributed to being human.

As your audience become saturated with information on you, and a potential dip in consumer interest begins – there is a need to step away from what could be considered the corporate machine. Instead, your brand needs to have the ability to connect with your customers in the same way that a person would.

With the introduction of automation and self-checkouts, human interaction within customer experience is decreasing. We don’t get to speak to Sharon at the tills in the supermarket anymore, we do it all ourselves. This has instigated a need for more human interaction in general. As introverted as you think you may be, humans are social animals – therefore consumers are demanding human interactions from brands instead.

People are starting to evaluate a brand the same way that we evaluate another human. Are you competent? And are you warm? Could I trust you in an apocalypse? Perfection is not the aim as we all know that nobody is perfect. However, having both warmth and competency will lead to admiration and loyalty from not only friends and family, but your customers too.  

As consumers, we connect with people, not products. Stories, not functionality, and experiences, not things. 

Whether you operate B2B or B2C your customers are still people. So, connect with them on a human level. Communicate with them like humans, not robots. Talk to them about things they are interested in and spark real, emotional conversations. Not only will this create consumer engagement, but it will build vital trust and loyalty.

Does your brand behave in a human way? Do your customers connect with you on a human level? 

Check back soon for some suggestions on how!