TFR Group hits £5m turnover

Blackburn-based furniture recycler TFR Group has posted annual revenues of £5m, representing an increase of more than 70 per cent over the last five years.

The growth follows investment in R&D and new technology, with £390,000 spent in 2021 alone, and has seen the workforce grow by 60 per cent.

The firm recycles up to 12,000 mattresses each week, and has recycled more than three million in total to date. 

One of the key contributors to recent successes has been the company's new mattress rejuvenation service, where it takes items returned to retailers - typically during a satisfaction guarantee period and often from online retailers - and makes them saleable again.

Nick Oettinger, CEO and founder of TFR Group, said: "We have been a loyal mattress recycling partner to our retail clients for more than a decade now, helping them to achieve sustainability targets, and now their bottom line.

"Through our strong growth and research and development programme, we’re delighted we have expanded so we can offer more services to our clients too.”