Team Academy to host top businesses challenge

A Lancashire-based training and development company is running a 24 hour Apprentice-style quest for the North West’s top businesses, where the funds raised will be donated to charity.

Team Academy’s 24 Hour Challenge will take place in October this year and will see teams from the North West region's leading firms battling it out in a head-to-head, hands on challenge. Proceeds generated on the day will go to local charities selected by the companies involved.

The intense activity is designed to see how teams perform under pressure, completing a task with real consequences, over a full 24 hour period. The entire process is monitored and judged by expert coaches as the heat is turned up and the challenge unfolds.

So as to ensure all teams enter the process on a level playing field, the nature and details of the task will remain under wraps until the day of the challenge.

Leyland-based high level training firm, Team Academy, is behind event, which aims to test the grit of the region’s top businesses and bring out key behaviours. Skills such as problem solving, effective communication, change management and team building are closely monitored and where a gap is identified, the businesses involved will be given guidance on follow up development, training and coaching.

Established in Lancashire in 2008, Team Academy now has a further office presence in Manchester and works across the UK and Europe with large multi-national firms such as Aldi, Hilton Hotels, Holiday Inn and BMW.

Founder of Team Academy, Rachel Haslam, said: “We are incredibly excited to be running this regional event and we look forward to welcoming on board incredible businesses from a wide range of sectors. Win or lose, the teams involved will take away a lot of essential learning points from this intensive shared experience. It won’t be something they forget any time soon. All whilst raising funds for local charities, close to the hearts of the businesses involved.” Over the coming weeks, hand-picked businesses across the North West will be receiving invitations to apply for The 24 Hour Challenge. If any Lancashire firms think they have what it takes and would like further information, visit