Standing out from the crowd as an employer

One theme that’s set to play an important role in the world of work this year is skills – or the apparent shortage of them. 

A recent report by the Open University found that 91% of UK organisations had struggled to find workers with the right skills over the past 12 months and a number of surveys point towards this as one of the factors leading to increased wages, and starting salaries in particular. 

With so few suitable candidates available, companies may find themselves competing for the same small pool of individuals. 

Although competitive wages are important, salary isn’t always the number one consideration for new employees. So, the question is – how can you stand out and position yourself to attract talented individuals?

Creating a strong company culture is key, as is having structured training and development programmes in place; demonstrating true opportunity for career progression to any potential employees. 

Flexible working is a growing priority for employees, so organisations that are equipped to allow this are likely to be in an advantageous position. And don’t forget your onboarding process, first impressions count!

Standing out as an employer for the right reasons has never been more important

Standing out as an employer for the right reasons has never been more important but getting there isn’t an overnight journey. It takes a sustained effort and a level of investment. But with no sign of the skills shortage going away any time soon, this is likely to be an investment that pays dividends in the long run. 

HR advice can speed up the process, ensuring you’re investing in the right things that will make a significant difference.

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