So what?

“We have just invested £10,000 in a new machine.” So what?  “We have 5,000 square foot of office space.” So what?  “We make films in High Definition.” So what?

RobHallamBy Rob Hallam, managing director of Bigtank Productions.

Five years ago, the very fact that you had a video on your website was enough to impress customers, even if that video was a timeline of general uninspiring office shots with a script full of ‘so what’ facts and figures.

Today however, though the video viewing statistics for 2015 are quite staggering (YouTube alone has over 4bn views per day, 1bn of those on a mobile device) it’s also a fact that those viewers are getting more and more picky.

In a nutshell, as more video content is thrown at us, we simply don’t have enough hours in the day to watch marketing and promotional videos that aren’t focussed, structured, that don’t look great and most importantly, that don’t tell a compelling story.

The good news though is that it there isn’t a black art to getting your video messages right and to get your YouTube views through the roof.

Just remember the old adage of ‘facts tell, stories sell’ and also that what impresses you about your own business might not mean anything to your video viewers – your potential customers.

What will impress them though is a story that says how your business or your product can improve their situation, how it can make their lives better and in the case of ‘business to business’ how it will make them more money.

A good story or a compelling video script matched with well-thought-out imagery will get that message across quickly and efficiently. Facts about square footage and how much a machine might have cost will not. So have a think. What stories might your business have to tell that would wow those millions of people watching online video every day?