Sign of a good business advisor

Everyone knows someone who is keen to let you know how smart they are. How well they know their subject and how much knowledge they have. This can be greatly reassuring as you want to have faith in your advisors. However it can create bad feeling if your advisor wants to use industry terminology for the sake of looking smart. I think of these people as being an ‘Arse’.

Know it All. It may be your business, but they know best all the time.

They Rush through figures or explanations to ensure that you don’t get time to process the information.

Make you feel Stupid or if not stupid at least stupider than them. They have qualifications you know.

Doesn’t Empower you. I think that it is important in business to be empowered to understand all areas you are dealing with. You don’t need to train as an accountant, a solicitor and a banker to be in business. But you do want to understand the role they play and what they are doing for you.

If you are new to business or would like to revisit the basics of understanding accounts we run a workshop at Darwen Creates every 12 weeks. Darwen Creates is a scheme to help local businesses start up or develop. They have provided free workshops and affordable office space to a number of successful businesses. For more information on our workshop or any others in the series please see

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