Scancapture rebrands as Anthem Engagement

Scancapture has rebranded as Anthem Engagement to better reflect its aim to make peoples’ working lives productive, enjoyable and fulfilling.

The 15-year-old company, based in Blackburn, is headed by founder Steve Smith, who also established the North West Employee Engagement Group.

The company evolved from its document scanning roots over the years by providing insight into employee, customer and supplier engagement through surveys, analysis and consultancy.

Steve said of the decision to rebrand: “In the early years the business scanned documents and captured data from surveys (hence the name Scancapture). However, for the last seven years we have evolved into an organisation that is passionate about people, and we are playing a key part in helping organisations better engage with their employees, customers and suppliers – that’s where the magic is."

Now, having amassed almost two million data points, the team is skilled at spotting patterns and making meaningful connections between what people feel, what they think, and how that influences their behaviour.

Serving such iconic brands such as John Lewis, Waitrose, Regatta, Missguided, and Sofology and spearheading regional change through people engagement focused events, Anthem has the statistics to prove that people matter, they have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that every business they engage with understands the dramatic benefits from people focused initiatives.

Steve said: “As business leaders, we have a duty of care to our people, to make their work lives enjoyable and fulfilling and by doing this together we’ll be capable of remarkable things! "We enable businesses to gain a true insight into what their people think, feel and do, and gauge the impact - through factual data - on how this affects customers’ engagement levels and buying behaviour”