Scaleup initiatives show resilience and inspiration

When Lancashire County Council launched the three Two Zero pilot programmes in January this year, it was impossible to predict how the rest of 2020 would see the whole world economy turned on its head.

Our programmes, like our businesses, needed to adapt, and it’s fair to say those involved with the Two Zero Female, Social Enterprise, and Scaleup Resurgence programmes have been an inspiration to Lancashire’s economic recovery.

The programmes were originally dedicated to giving leaders of fast-growing firms the tools to continue to scaleup quickly but as the economic fallout of coronavirus began to be felt across the county, our programmes switched focus to long-term goals.

We tried to help businesses on the programme reset, stay resilient and define a strategy to help them return to their high growth trajectory in future.

On the Two Zero Female programme, led by Groundswell Innovation and Northern Power Women, that’s protected jobs, prompted Lancashire’s female leaders to find new markets and income streams and also helped several companies gain external funding for the first time.

Organisations on our Social Enterprise programme, delivered by Selnet, have worked together to help Lancashire through a difficult time, creating new Lancashire jobs in the process.

It is vital we draw inspiration from what we have achieved

While the future in many ways remains uncertain, with new measures and restrictions being introduced, it is vital we draw inspiration from what we have achieved and can continue to do so in the face of unknown adversity. This in turn empowers us to become more resilient.

Lancashire’s economic sustainability and drive will come from our fast-growing and scaling companies and by casting a shining light on them, showcasing their achievements, it can inspire others to follow a similar path.

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