RSM Tenon urges tax breaks to create jobs

An online petition has been created calling for tax credits of up to 25% for substantial shareholders in private businesses that hire new staff. The petition has been designed to ignite demand from directors of the UK’s small and medium sized (SME) businesses by providing them real incentives to provide jobs.

RSM Tenon figures show that if less than 10% of SMEs currently employing up to 250 staff took on only one extra employee, then this would inject over £1 billion into the economy in tax and far more in total spending power.

Neil Sevitt, north region director for RSM Tenon, said: “Lancashire has long been a breeding ground for entrepreneurial talent to shine, and in doing so contributes to our economy by way of job creation and education. Incentivising entrepreneurs into a jobless economic recovery is not the answer. This petition is designed to encourage entrepreneurs in Lancashire to do what they do best: grow, develop, adapt and bring real opportunity and recovery to our region.'
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