Rossendales sells to national rival with 'no Lancashire job losses'

Rossendales, the Helmshore based bailiffs and debt recovery agency, has been bought by Marston Holdings with the backing of the Rothschild Group, Lloyds Bank and Inflexion Private Equity.

[caption id="attachment_22761" align="f-align-medium-right f-align-center" width="150"]Dave Chapman Dave Chapman[/caption]

Dave Chapman, who remains a director at Rossendales and joins the Marston Holdings board, said there would be no Lancashire job losses and that Rossendales would continue to operate independently, though as part of a group structure.

Dave, customer services director, said: “The ownership of Rossendales has transferred to Marston Holdings Limited. Marston Holdings also owns Marston, an enforcement company that recovers unpaid criminal fines and enforces arrest warrants on behalf of the magistrates’ courts. It also has a High Court writ business and a number of contracts with local authorities. It also has a large tracing and investigation division.

“We got to know the Marston team in recent years, particularly while campaigning for enforcement law reform. It became apparent that both companies share similar values and ethics. We feel that being part of the same Group will help each company to offer a broader range of services to both sets of clients.

“We are not a subsidiary of Marston, we are a sister company in the same corporate family. There will therefore be no change in the day-to-day operation of the contract and Rossendales will continue to operate as a distinct business from its Helmshore office.

“The Rossendales management team remains firmly in place. Mike Shang continues as Managing Director and I remain as Client Services Director. Julie Green Jones will offer advice and support to the business over the next stage of its development.

“Mike and I have both joined the Marston Holdings board, which means that Rossendales is represented at Group level.

Dave added that an independent Advisory Group has been formed with a remit to oversee governance and ethics of both businesses. Baroness Eaton, former Chair of the Local Government Association, has joined this Group. Other appointments include Elizabeth Filkin, former Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards and former Chief Executive of Citizens Advice; Marc Gander, Consumer Action Group founder; Vernon Everitt, Transport for London’s Managing Director of Customer Experience; Mark Glover, Chief Executive of Bellenden Public Affairs and Claer Lloyd-Jones, ethical audit partner.7

Dave continued: “This is a ground-breaking initiative that will provide a high level of assurance to clients that reputational risk is being managed effectively. Being part of a larger Group means that Rossendales now has access to greater investment in technology. We will now accelerate rollout of body worn video camera to all of our field agents by the end of the summer. We will also be able to work with Marston to offer greater field agent coverage throughout the country – this should impact positively on our recovery rates.

“The investment is very positive for us. Our new owner understands the qualities that make us a unique and successful company, and they want to support and develop the Rossendales business in future, which is firmly committed to its East Lancashire home.”

Marston Chief Executive, Gareth Hughes, said: "Operating as sister companies, Marston and Rossendales will now deliver greater efficiencies. Marston is committed to promoting ethics and professionalisation across the judicial services sector. “We are excited that Marston and Rossendales can now learn from each other to deliver innovative, effective and professional judicial services. The expertise of both teams will enable us to deliver a broader range of services, adding Rossendales’ experience in pre-order recovery services to Marston’s investment in post-order compliance activity.”