Rising star promoted at DigitalGuys

DigitalGuys, a Preston-based digital marketing agency, is pleased to announce that Stephen Slavin, 22, will be taking on a new account management role as part of the company’s ongoing growth strategy.

Stephen, a finalist in the Lancashire Business Awards 2014, first joined the company as a social media account executive. Since then he has been involved in several social media campaigns for local businesses and has already amassed a number of positive testimonials from existing clients.

In addition, Stephen has been heavily involved in the business development side of DigitalGuys. As a result of his input, the agency has won several new business accounts with a number of additional leads for 2015.

His new role as social media account manager will see him planning online strategies for a number of prominent North West businesses, including their ongoing social media presence, content marketing and community management.

Careers in social media marketing are very new, but with the user base increasing exponentially each year, companies are fast realising the value and importance of a strategic approach.

Commenting on his new position, Stephen said: “I’ve been fascinated with social media marketing ever since university; I always thought it would be an area that businesses could really take advantage of if they did it right.

“Working on campaigns at DigitalGuys has been really exciting, and I’m absolutely thrilled to be given the chance to take on the challenges that come with a management role”

Tom R Wardrop, CEO of DigitalGuys, said: “I firmly believe that businesses need to utilise the latest technologies to stay competitive; social media marketing is just one of the practices that businesses can no longer ignore. We strive to be at the forefront of emerging marketing methods here at DigitalGuys, and bringing in the right expertise is vital to doing so. “Stephen has proven himself more than capable of delivering exceptional services to our clients and helping them see the benefits of digital marketing. He is already a great asset to the team and I am confident that he will excel in his new position.”