Red-Fern helps wet room floor manufacturer launch innovative site

Lancashire-based web design agency firmly stamps their newly-found manufacturing niche with yet another successful partnership.

Recently, Red-Fern has outlined its manufacturing technology and marketing niche. They currently work with several leading manufacturers throughout various industries and continue to impress within their partnerships.

Their most recent success is working alongside industry-leading wet room floor manufacturers, On the Level. They approached Red-Fern looking to develop a long-term digital strategy to help them achieve their overall goals over the next five years.

Like all partnerships, it started with an extensive discovery phase. All key project stakeholders worked together to get a true understanding of the industry, their competition and clear goals and direction for the project to move forwards. The discovery phase is incredibly thorough so that the best results can always be achieved. 

As a result of the discovery and strategic phases, the outcome was a slick, modern and innovative site. Throughout the site, there are clear strategic user journeys and CTAs to increase user experience, conversion rates and ultimately leads. Developing a cutting edge site is the first step towards producing long-term results and exceeding objectives and goals. 

Immersive videos and detailed content are also key parts of the site. This allows the audience to truly engage with the brand and positions them as thought leaders within the construction, architectural and retail industries. 

On the Level’s marketing manager, Jessica Nicholls, said: “Red-Fern are the first agency I have ever been in touch with that seem to practice what they preach, using slick and timely email automation, and providing useful engaging content.

They also really took their time to understand us as a customer, finding out about our business goals and challenges, as well as creating customer personas to fully understand our customers which were used as the basis for any decisions going forward.

Red-Fern are easy to get along with, quick to respond and help, have produced some great quality work, and I now see them as an extension of our marketing department.”

Red-Fern’s managing director, Sean Redfearn, added: “Our partnership with On the Level has been incredibly successful. It’s incredibly rewarding taking client needs, requirements and ideas from ideas and turning them into a product that’s above and beyond expectations. The innovation and creativity throughout their site is next level and unmatched by the industry.

We’re incredibly proud of our partnerships and our relationship with On the Level couldn’t be better. Helping our partners achieve their long-term goals and objectives is everything that we’re about, and we’re unbelievably confident that we can help On the Level meet and exceed theirs.”

As Red-Fern continues to scale their agency within their manufacturing technology and marketing niche, you can view more success stories from their existing and new partnerships by clicking here