Recycling Lives establishes export deal with Spain

Preston-based Recycling Lives has exported its first shipment of recovered metals to Spain.

The company ships almost 500,000 tonnes of ferrous and non-ferrous metals overseas to be used for manufacturing metal products.

While it has already has long-standing relationships with China, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Russia in place, this 4,000 tonne shipment to Spain marked a move to forge stronger ties with European markets.

Tazamul Sarodia, managing director of the cars division and head of group trading, said: "Recycled metal is a global commodity market, and there is a healthy demand for metals we extract from around 130,000 cars each year, and thousands of tonnes of other metal products.

"The recovered metal we export goes back into the furnaces and foundries to emerge as ingots, plate and bars to be used again in manufacturing – a good example of the circular economy in action.

"We are constantly exploring new markets as our company grows, and it is good business sense and good for the environment to also look at customers closer to home."

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