Do you need a coach or a consultant?

One of the most common questions I get asked as a business coach and business consultant is: “What is the difference between the two, and which service do I need right now?”

A business coach works on bringing out the best of what is already inside of you. Coaches focus on the ‘bigger picture’ of what you want to create for your business and lifestyle, and ensure you maintain motivation to work toward your dreams, goals and tasks.

Coaches will also assist and guide you in bringing out the best in you and your company. A consultant is more of an expert to turn to for specific help with your business.

This may be assistance in developing new skills, analysing your business or creating a strategic action plan for growth.

Many business owners find they can benefit from the help of both a business coach and a business consultant. We take a unique hybrid approach to the delivery of our services by providing both skill sets in one person so that you can benefit from the best of both worlds.

Our specific areas of expertise are:

1) strategic business planning and growth, helping gauge the direction and scalability of your business and

2) client experience, which is the sum of all interactions that a client has with you or your brand over the course of the relationship.

The overall objective is to create referral opportunities for you through client advocacy thereby enabling the most effective and efficient sales channel for your business.

We are here to make strategy simple for you. Our clients build and execute smart strategies faster and at a lower cost. They stay focused, maintain momentum and enjoy the results.  We’re their secret to getting it right. Call us for a free initial consultation.