PSG Blackpool celebrates 15 years of quality property searches

Established in 2001, Property Search Group Blackpool is celebrating it’s 15th anniversary.

Fifteen years ago, Sylvia Holmes and Gill Harding bought into a personal property searches franchise in Blackpool, and this year they celebrate a highly successful growth to a team of eight permanent and four part time staff, all dedicated to providing quality results. The business provides searches to solicitors as part of the conveyancing process across their franchise area.

Now, with Wyre, Fylde, Blackpool, Lancaster, Preston, Chorley and South Ribble councils as their search areas, they can honestly say they cover a great deal of North West Lancashire. With a database of over 60 000 homes and combined experience in excess of 75 years, PSG Blackpool has an in-depth knowledge of what your search should produce, and will follow up prior to sending it to you. The franchise concept means that others operating in exactly the same way can provide search results from councils across England and Wales

Gill said: "Most search results are going to be straightforward, but in those 20 to 30 per cent of cases where we find unsatisfactory results, we will go the extra mile to research and deliver the whole picture to clients, going back to the data providers to challenge their results.

"You might never know the amount of work that has gone into your search as we don't tend to blow our own trumpets, but as we are dedicated to giving clients the best service at the best price, and in the best time, clients can be assured that the information returned to them has been stringently checked and rechecked and is the best you will get."

Sylvia added: "That's our strength really. Because we know the areas so well, we are able to identify data that appears inconsistent with other addresses nearby and then able to challenge the information returned from service providers and in most cases they update their info with what we have provided. They’re pretty good that way."

The PSG team keep abreast of new products and services that will enable their clients to order a comprehensive set of searches for the area, thereby delivering the best service to their end clients. PSG also keep up to date with ground-breaking information to help us understand the impact of environmental studies and conditions on the properties concerned in our searches. Graham Holmes, head of the marketing team, said: "We consider ourselves as a search company enabled by technology, not a technology company that sells searches.’ A fact that is appreciated by the clients as in the past year PSG Blackpool has been responsible for over 50 per cent of the searches used in conveyancing transactions in their main areas."