Protecting what matters - Stay alert, don’t get hurt

At Rom Construction safety is our number one priority.  

As a business we strive to prevent injury or occupational ill health to anyone who could be affected by our operations and activities and we never compromise on safety.

As a result of the stringent measures we have put in place and to ensure safety is front and centre we’ve launched our own safety theme - Stay alert, Don’t get hurt.  

The logo and strap-line is designed to remind everyone just how important safety is and with a catchy tone we hope it will be widely remembered. 

As an established and privately owned construction company we operate without being hampered by the demands of satisfying shareholder profit – instead, we create long lasting partnerships for the mutual benefit of our clients, our suppliers and partners alike. 

Our core values are based on our passion for quality and our desire to deliver– Quality, Value & Trust drive our planning and project management functions and Collaboration, Safety and Professionalism ensure we deliver outstanding results, every time.