Paperwork could keep you out of court

When you make mistakes at work, you don’t generally expect to face court prosecution.

We take it for granted as we own or direct our businesses that the effects of our errors might mean lost revenues, dissatisfied customers, unproductive time and dented profits.

But making mistakes, like not taking the time to check or communicate certain legislative documents, especially when concerned with driving or using vehicles at work, can lead to massive fines and a harrowing court appearance for owners, directors and managers if any employee or director is investigated following a collision.

Legislation is in place for all vehicles used on business, not just goods vehicles. Any car, van or commercial vehicle used for work has to comply with defined regulations. This also includes anyone who may drive them on business.

If a business has five or more employees, they have to make checks on vehicles and staff, and must record their findings and make them available to any enforcement authority.

A recent report found that a staggering 53% of businesses failed to make even the most basic checks on their employees - simple things such as checking driving licences and ensuring business use insurance is in place for employees using their own cars for business journeys.

John Lawrence
Key Fleet