Digital for the busy executive

Right – that’s it. Even the most technology-averse executive now needs to ‘get’ web, online and digital marketing. It’s become so ubiquitous that there’s no getting away from it.

Here are 5 quick tips that should help even the committed Luddite to make a step change in their online performance!

1. As an owner or director, you must have somebody knowledgeable that you can trust to manage your digital marketing (as with traditional marketing.) This can be staff or an agency – it may come at a price, but the cost of being left behind is much more. Things change so quickly that it’s incredibly easy to be left behind. Review your activity with your team at the very least every quarter!

2. Be clear on the differences between IT and marketing. Many businesses fail to make the distinction, leaving promotion and sales to the ‘computer’ people. True – some can handle both quite well, but on the whole, the dynamics and objectives of sales and marketing are very different to those of IT support, which by comparison is based on infrastructure.

3. Be informed and clear about your aims. Is e-commerce right for you? How to solicit enquiries? How should your brand be portrayed (in particular with social media)?
Avoid rash decisions made solely on gut instinct – decisions made to meet clear objectives will usually lead to better results.

4. Determine how your online campaigning (website, social, email etc) will progress and be prepared to accept change. Successful digital marketing relies on accepting some plans fail, and reacting accordingly. Outline a plan to keep your content and proposition improving. Modern CMS systems allow you to keep your website up to date on an hourly basis if you wish.
Businesses rarely succeed in the online space by standing still. Remember – statues just get covered in bird poo!

5. Don’t fall into the trap of allowing your own personal preferences to guide your business’ marketing. Don’t shun social media just because you don’t use Facebook personally. Your customers may do, even if you’re a B2B operation. (Do you think the chairman of DFS watches Coronation St? Probably not, but he still advertises in the ad break!)

Why not drop me an email if you have any questions about these? I’m always happy to help.

Leon Calverley
Managing Director