Our guide to keeping your warehouse clean

Keeping your workplace and warehouse clean and tidy is essential to ensuring the health and safety of your staff, and the smooth running of your operation. 

When it comes to establishing a cleaning schedule, you can usually separate the tasks in terms of daily, weekly, or monthly rotas.

What are the benefits of maintaining a clean and tidy warehouse? 

In adopting a regular cleaning schedule, not only will you be making sure your operation remains fully compliant with relevant safety regulations, but you may also see an increase in your team’s productivity, and the lifespan of your equipment. Ensuring your workplace is kept clean and tidy will also help your company in maintaining a positive, professional reputation within your industry. 

Before you get started… 

There are a number of things you might want to consider: 

  • Draft an action plan which outlines the tasks that will need to be completed, how regularly they should be completed, how long they will take, and which member of staff will be responsible for each. 
  • Establish the standards you would like to see maintained, and make sure all staff members know what to aim for and what’s expected. 
  • Make sure your cleaning supplies are well stocked, and that all members of staff can access them easily. 
  • Try to incorporate a regular deep clean into your schedule. 

To prevent the cleaning tasks from mounting up, it’s a good idea to incorporate a small amount of time into each work day for every member of your team to do a bit of cleaning. Even 10 minutes of tidying time at the end of each day can be of great help when it comes to keeping on top of things! 

Your warehouse cleaning schedule 

Some cleaning tasks will require immediate attention, whereas others may only need to be carried out on a daily basis, or once every week. 

In order to ensure your warehouse is fully compliant and the welfare, health and safety of your staff is protected, you should make sure every member of your team knows to take care of the following jobs straight away: 

  • Mop up any spills to avoid slips and trips 
  • Pack away tools when not in use 
  • Clear away and dispose of any litter to avoid trip hazards 
  • Clean up wood and metal shavings 
  • Make sure all safety signs are in plain view and easy to read

Warehouse cleaning jobs to carry out daily

Some of the daily cleaning tasks we have identified include but are not limited to:  

  • Sweeping the floors 
  • Clearing walkways of anything that could potentially cause a trip or fall 
  • Recycling any excess packaging
  • Emptying indoor bins 
  • Reporting and removing any damaged products or equipment 
  • Keeping outdoor areas clean and tidy 

Warehouse cleaning jobs to carry out weekly: 

  • Restock hand sanitiser and paper towels 
  • Thoroughly clean and mop the floors 

Warehouse cleaning jobs to carry out monthly: 

  • Dust and clean storage areas 
  • Clean ventilators and fans 
  • Check stock of cleaning supplies 

Warehouse cleaning during the COVID-19 pandemic 

During the pandemic, it’s important that we each do all we can to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. As well as ensuring all members of staff know to keep a distance of 2 metres between one another, you should also encourage staff to: 

  • Wipe down and disinfect high touch point surfaces, including door handles and equipment, regularly 
  • Use hand sanitiser or wash hands thoroughly and more frequently 

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