Opinion: Time to be a guru

Some of the most frequest questions I'm asked are "how can I get recognised for my expertise?" and "how can I raise my personal profile?"

Amanda Jackson Tigerfishby Amanda Jackson, managing director of Tigerfish PR. If that's something you want to do - because let's face it - the better known you are, the more business is likely to come your way - then here are five of my top recommendations to be seen as an expert.
  1. Network network network - it goes without saying really. Make sure you are connected online as well as offline, and take a good look at your social media channels to make sure they are representative of you and your interests.
  2. Do the right people know you actually would like to contribute/ speak? Don't be coy about this - you need to make it clear that you would like to be contacted for contribution.
  3. Have you got a blog? Blogging, creating a cogent record of your knowledge and insights, is the first point of research for anyone wanting to establish your credibility. Make sure you are contributing to other blogs, too.
  4. Submit topical comment to appropriate journalists and online forums, demonstrating your knowledge and expertise.
  5. Enter awards and/or write a book - being an 'award winning expert' or 'author and expert' has so much more clout.
Of course, this list is not exhaustive - but raising your profile can be daunting and time consuming. If you feel you need a bit of a helping hand with this... give us a call.