Kirk undertakes improvements at Chertsey STW

Nelson-based Kirk Environmental is currently completing some refurbishments at the Chertsey Sewerage Treatments Works in Surrey for Thames Water Utilities.

The site treats and disposes sewage from the Chertsey area, serving a population of approximately 86,000 which is expected to increase to approximately 92,000 in 2021.

The first stage of the refurbishments started at the end of 2013 with the replacements of two glass-fused-to-steel roofs for the existing digester tanks at the site.

These are currently being constructed on site and should be completed by the end of January. The second stage of the project will be to design, supply and installed a ground-mounted Biodome double membrane gas holder to replace the ageing gas bell system currently in place.

The existing gas bell is made up of a glass-fused-to-steel inner and outer shell, complete with a glass-fused-to-steel roof on the inner tank. The inner tank is on runners and moves up and down as the volume of the gas is stored and used. By replacing this system with Kirk’s industry leading Biodome gas holder the end user will benefit from a more efficient and cost effective solution to store the biogas produced at the site. The renewable energy created at the plant will then be re-used to power the facility itself.