Opinion: Property investment marketing review

Creativeworld Managing director Clive Wood shares his views on marketing within the property industry.

I have enjoyed working in the property investment market for over 20 years, mixing with all types of professionals, from the highly charged property owner, the conservative pension fund manager, the property adviser, the receiver and many other characters.

What I find unique in the property industry that I don’t experience in many other industries is my clients are competing against each other one day and the next day working in complete harmony, ensuring the property deal goes through.

For the last four years the market has been very challenging with marketing budgets reduced. This is understandable due to market conditions but what is important is that the client gets good value for money and ever pound spent is spent effectively.

To completely cut marketing budgets is short-sighted. We only have to look at leading companies and brands that affect our everyday life; they adjust their marketing to the current conditions, never cutting their budgets completely and there are many cases to prove they are correct.

At Creativeworld we use our wealth of experience to assist in the sale of a property investment, especially in the current market. Whether it’s a printed or digital brochure, in-house or bespoke style to create the impression of exclusivity, organising photography to show off the investment to its full potential, or creating a website where the information is available to all or accessed through a secure data room that can be monitored and managed from anywhere in the world.

What is important for our clients is that we can take away a lot of time and effort in the production process, so they can concentrate on the strategy of selling the property and ensuring the sale will be a success. We make sure that deadlines are met with no hidden charges from the initial budget agreed. So what has the rest of 2013 have in store for us? Probably something similar to 2012, working a lot harder and longer for less. I think that’s character building but the staff hate it! Hopefully it will make us appreciate the good times when they come… let’s hope that’s not too far off.