Opinion: Keeping up with the times

As Charles Darwin wrote, "it is not the strongest ofthe species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones who are most responsive to change."

Bev Mercer BevlanBy Bev Mercer, managing director of Bevlan Office Interiors.

If we, at Bevlan Office Interiors, had settled with selling desks, chairs and filing cabinets, I don't think that we would be celebrating our 30th year in business.

We have evolved over the years and listened to our clients' needs, which can be completely different. From a funky design office, where we suggest colourful seating and bright perspex screens, to a call centre housing the maximum number of people comfortably and productively, we have to adapt our offer to the circumstances.

Compare the successful modern companies of today with those of old: cool break-out areas, think tanks and bistros rather than canteens are all intended to give a more inspiring, friendly, dynamic and relaxing working environment for staff to develop themselves, which can only be good for the development of the business.

Every company or office has its own DNA and it's not just a case of filling space, it's about understanding corporate culture, how you work and what stimulates and motivates your people to help achieve your goals and aspirations. Bev Mercer Managing director Bevlan Office Interiors