Opinion: Inseparable communications

We’re living in a changing world. What was ‘normal’ is being challenged, barriers are crumbling and home and work life is merging.

Unified WorldBy Martin West, head of IT Services, Unified World.

Technology is driving this change, and it’s advancing faster than ever. Phones, Tablets, laptops, wearable technology and cloud-based services can now all be integrated into a powerful business tool. How we deploy technology is much more than simply combining fixed and mobile infrastructure. It’s about a unified customer experience.

Your employees’ expectations have changed too. With 47% of enterprise leaders reporting that their employees have become more interested in their work-life balance, management teams are quickly realising the value in terms of productivity and talent retention. Research has identified £8.1 billion of savings available to UK business from working flexibly.

These changes have happened over just 10 years – a generation. Imagine what the next generation will bring.

So, is your business ready? A co-ordinated approach to technology will mean a co-ordinated workforce, effortlessly communicating towards common goals no matter the location or device. Businesses that embrace the change will benefit through greater efficiency and an empowered, inspired workforce.

In simple terms, communications are inseparable.

As technology drives business, the IT Manager has also changed and now they have a strategic role in determining how teams work together. Managers understand that IT is no longer a separate function within business.

With all this change, the number of devices, apps, tariffs and contracts that IT managers must manage has become unwieldy.

To enable them to move into the strategic areas of the business, they need to work with experienced partners who can bring the functions together and provide an easily manageable and uniform experience to both customers and the workforce. It is clear to see, to succeed in this changing landscape requires a strategic approach to communications.