Nublue to work with Lancaster University on Flexible Working Project

Lancaster based ecommerce agency Nublue has joined forces with a team of Lancaster University students in a bid to help find better flexible working solutions for the company.

Nublue is both a web development agency specialising in Magento powered ecommerce websites and a hosting provider for big name clients across the UK. They’ll be working with MA HR & Consulting students on the project. The finished work will benefit both parties by offering Nublue a better flexible working solution and by contributing towards and helping the students to achieve their master’s degree.

The team of students, which is made up of seven aspiring, yet experienced young people of varying backgrounds and skillsets approached Nublue and offered the company a choice of three different project routes. They settled on ‘Flexible Working Solutions’. Nublue’s HR Advisor, Thelma Aye explains the decision, ‘Because of the nature of some of the services we provide here at Nublue, we must have staff available and working hours outside of the usual 9-5, Monday to Friday. We offer a 24hr hosting service meaning somebody has to be on call at all times and this presents unique challenges when it comes to devising a system which works for everyone.’

The University team has already begun the project and have started with a phase of research, enabling them to gain insightful knowledge about the company’s current work patterns. Surveys have also been sent round to gauge the opinions and thoughts of Nublue’s staff.

Marcie Towell, Nublue’s key contact on the project, said: ‘Having studied at the University, I have experience and understanding of these projects and I know the team will bring with them a wealth of experience and knowledge and their input will be of great value to the way this company operates. They’re an extremely dedicated and talented group and I can’t wait to see what they are able to deliver for us.’

‘Essentially, it’s down to the students to act as a consultancy, using their research and existing know-how to provide input and help the business come up with a state of the art solution to the flexible working challenge.’ The project is due for completion in the spring and Nublue looks forward to examining the recommended solutions.