Now’s the time to network

One year ago I wrote about the importance of community. Nobody could have predicted just how vital this would become over the months ahead.

I believe that long-term relationships are the best way to do business. One-time sales will only get you so far, getting to really know another company, understand what drives them and how you can help is the true foundation for sustained success.

It’s the focal point of the Lancashire Business View brand. We’re all about getting the organisations within the county talking and doing business with each other. 

We have 50,000 readers, and Lancashire companies spend £30bn each year. If we all come together, we stand our best chance of getting through this.

Some days, this can seem like an impossible task, but we - just like many of you - have found new ways to make it work.

For example, we have gone virtual with our popular schedule of events and received an incredible response to Lancashire Business Week, networking get-togethers, Sub36 Awards and more.

If we all come together, we stand our best chance of getting through this.

These have been a great complement to our magazine, website, weekly email and social media, because they’re people-focused and interactive.

It’s the strength of the relationships that we have built with our supporters that have allowed us to keep up momentum and to begin the year with confidence, and it’s the opportunity for our readers to build their own relationships that makes these events so popular.

So if networking has slipped down your agenda during lockdown, you may be missing out. And if you’re looking for ways to better connect with the county, give me a call to find out how you can join the conversation through Lancashire Business View.

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