The benefits of building relationships

In 2018, this magazine launched the Bring Back a Billion, But it in Lancashire campaign.

One of the key benefits of buying from local suppliers is keeping money flowing around the local economy. There are around 50,000 businesses in the area, spending a total of £30bn each year. Serious numbers.

And another benefit, every bit as important, is the opportunity to buy from people you know. This county has a fantastic business community, populated by fine Lancashire folk (native and adopted) that appreciate the value of mixing hard, honest work with personality and a positive attitude.

Business relationships are more productive (and more fun!) when you’re dealing with familiar people. It allows you to get under the skin of each other’s business, to spot opportunities where you (or someone you know) can help, and to understand their motivations and work together, often long term, to meet each others’ goals.

We practice what we preach. The print of this magazine, our website, the food at events: we source from Lancashire suppliers wherever we can. In return, there are many Lancashire firms who have been advertising in these pages and sponsoring our events for many years. Some consistently for more than a decade.

There are around 50,000 businesses in Lancashire, spending a total of £30bn each year.

We’re proud to be at the heart of the Lancashire business community. Our magazine, website, weekly email, networking events, social events, Sub36 Awards and Red Rose Awards bring people together. First to have fun, then to get to know each other, then to buy from each other.

The Lancashire economy is a rich, diverse and rewarding marketplace, and we have the tools to help you reach it.

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